Galibier dried hams

Our dried hams
from Savoie

Our Savoie hams are produced, dry salted by hand and cured in our workshop at the foot of Mont Blanc which gives them their characteristic flavour.
Galibier - Jambon Secs de Savoie

Our selection of Savoy dry cured hams, medal-winners at the General Agricultural Competition

Matured between 9 and 16 months, plain or smoked, beautiful slices of our hams will look perfect on all your charcuterie and aperitif platters and as raclette accompaniments.
In 2023, our 12-months smoked ham was awarded a Gold Medal at the General Agricultural Competition.
Our hams also come in blocks, ready to slice or pre-sliced in packs in the fridge section.

Provence-style canape

  • 4 big slices of farmhouse bread
  • 4 slices of Savoie ham
  • A few baby spinach leaves
and for the tapenade
  • 100g stoned black olives
  • 25g capers
  • 25g anchovy fillets
  • 80ml olive oil

Preparation time: 20 minutes

1 – Make the tapenade: Blend the olives, capers and cleaned anchovy fillets.
2 – Beat this purée into a creamy texture by slowly adding a stream of olive oil and stirring vigorously.
3 – Prepare the open sandwiches: Cut the slices of bread in half length-ways.
4 – Spread the tapenade on the bread.
5 – Wash the spinach leaves then add a few on top of the tapenade and finish with the slices of ham.


Where to find our dry cured ham