Galibier: who we are

Much more than a legendary mountain pass in the Alps, Galibier is a charcuterie expert in Savoie.
Galibier represents men and women who love their local area. They are driven by this passion for their terroir and its products every day. We are a proud producer of Savoie dry cured hams, dry sausages and diots sausages respecting ancestral expertise and using artisanal methods.
In the heart of Haute-Savoie in the mountain air of Mont Blanc, Galibier products are made with original recipes using carefully selected ingredients. It is there that they develop their strength in flavour.
High-quality charcuteries that are natural and delicate, designed to be shared by those we love and who love to eat as we spend time together.
Our products are made with French pork and always without colouring or artificial flavourings.
Porc français

Where to find our products