Le Galibier

Le Galibier is the brand of our authentic and traditional charcuterie, mostly from Savoy dedicated to delicounter and freshly packed.

The quality and character of our specialities are the result of four generations of know how.

Our products

  • Air-dried ham from Savoy

    We select heavy hams according to our quality commitment. Lightly salted and hand-rubbed, they develop their delicate flavor thanks to their long maturing at altitude in the French Alps.

  • prdt_1

    Diots from Savoy

    At the beginning the diot was the sausage of farmer. The main features of this authentic sausage is its large mincing, natural casing, traditional steaming and its generous size of 120g.
    Enjoy it cooked or grilled !

  • Salamis from Savoy

    We provide a wide range of 16 different flavours of salamis 200g, made of selected meats with a well-balanced fat rate and long maturing in natural casing.
    Supplied without plastic film, as presented on the market squares, this range is clearly a part of that tradition.

  • Slices

    With this range we offer a selection of high quality charcuteries, very thin sliced, as part of a new tendency towards authentic charcuteries.

  • Cooked terrines

    Our gourmet terrines are prepared with subtle mixture of various meats and ingredients selected to create delicious combinations of flavours.
    The ingredients are coarsely chopped in order to ensure the presence of large morsels of meat which is visually more attractive and in keeping with the authenticity of our recipe

  • charcuterie_seche

    Other dried charcuteries

    As a specialist of dried charcuteries, we provide as well selected dried meats such as pancetta, Grison dried meat, pork fillet,…
    Try these outstanding flavours

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    Superior Cooked hams

    Selection of the best hams 3 fillets without shin bone, these hams are baked in the oven in their own juices with a subtle blend of spices.
    Simply delicious !

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